Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Ella cat

Hello everyone :) Ella today was so desperate to find a cool place in the house and she ended laying in the balcony floor.
Sometimes she prefers to stay in a little room in the house that is really warm, she sleeps there for hours and she enjoys staying there because it's dark and quite. Other times she seems extremely disturbed by the heat.
So the question remains. Is she feeling the heat like we do? This summer is one of the hottest and I am not sure how she manages to stay in a room in the temperature of an oven.
 I am guessing that she has a high tolerance in heat. I have asked her several times if she enjoys cold water or ice in the summer but she has never really gave me an answer.
Ella doesn't meow often. She prefers to look at you straight in the eyes and blink slowly her huge eyes. I know that's a sign of love but sometimes I wonder if she wants to murder me. I mean look at this half closed eyes..she seems suspicious.
So what do you think, can cats feel the hot weather like humans?
Ella is wishing you all a happy weekend!


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