Friday, August 22, 2014

Part 3: Vacation in Rhodes

Hello everyone, as I promised in my previous post, today I'll upload some photos from the Old town in the city of Rhodes. I'm wearing another two-piece dress that I've made. This one has little ice creams on and a cute scallop edge at the top.
I love how this entrance to the castle is leading us straight to the port/beach. When I visited the island last year in the winter I had taken loads of photos here. It is even more beautiful now with the flowering plants.
As I was taking photos, a cute cat appeared nearby. She totally reminded me of Ella only hairier. I wish I could bring her home. She was unfriendly just like Ella as well. They would have a blast together ignoring me.
Another entrance of the castle. Less glamorous this time but with cute stairs. One of the central points of Old town. I can't say it is particularly beautiful but the rest of the town is. This is one of the "hottest" nightlife spots for the locals.
And of course parrots randomly sitting around. I don't even know. I'm pretty sure parrots aren't common in Rhodes or anywhere in Greece, But here there were at least 7 parrots lazing around. Maybe they had an owner? they were an attraction? I don't know.
Here is me in front of the main entrance to the castle. Please excuse the low quality of the image but I had to upload it. I waited so long for the tourists to clear up the scene to let this photo die.
The magnificent castle. So so beautiful. I could totally picture myself living here. I wouldn't even mind the tourists, I would creep on them from above lol.
Greeting from my new home! There is only one part left of my Vacation to Rhodes series. Have a great rest of summer everyone!



  1. i was in Rhodes last year! loved it so much:)
    thanks for sharing those pics, looks like you had an amazing time:)

    lots of love xx

  2. The castle looks wonderful. And the last picture is simply beautiful :)


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