Thursday, June 13, 2013

Greek Public Television Closure

Hello everyone
Most of you know that I had an internship at the Hellenic Broadcasting Channel know as Ert..
Now the government is shutting down Ert and over 2.500 people are getting fired.
This has caused a massive reaction, ordinary people are now protesting against this decision.
Of course all the employees are still in the building defying the decision of the government.
Journalists, cameramen, lighting technicians are all there day and night giving their own fight against this illegal and immoral decision.
I'm also trying to defend their battle by helping them in every way that I can.
Inside of the building, in every corridor you can see many people trying to support each other.
All the employees are trying to maintain their temper although it is obvious that their about to cry, their forced smiles betray their agony..
The budget cutting in Greece is getting worse everyday due to the bad economy, this is no joke anymore, people who worked all their lives now are getting fired.
I hope I didn't ruined your day with this post but this situation is Greece is too much for me to handle..
Have a great day.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

White Sugar Nail Tutorial

Hello everyone :)
Today I felt  like it was the right day for a quick tutorial... a nail tutorial!
Today I'm gonna use:
an ordinary base for nail polish, my favorite pink nail polish, 
white sugar and a top coat ail polish..
So let's get started!
I've already applied the base
and now it's time to apply my favorite pink nail polish :)
While it's wet you just dip your finger in white sugar
Then you have to let it dry for 10 minutes and then you are gonna remove the excess sugar with a small brush.
Finally you apply the top coat and you have this awesome result!
This is the first time that I've tried this trick.
It's super easy and quick and if you liked it I'd glad to do some more..


Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Harassment Special Edition

Hello everyone :)
Now that the summer is here most girls are excited to wear their new dresses, bikinis and short shorts.
It's quite natural to show some skin now that the weather is extremely hot and actually is natural to show some skin whenever you feel right about it regardless the weather.
I'm guessing that this statement is radical to some people even on the 21st century..
Everywhere I go I always hear people labeling girls as too provocative..
(I'm sure they tell the same thing for me)
Is it really provocative to wear a tight short dress?
Is it provocative to go out with your high heels out?
Well shirtless men all over the world agree that is quite provocative to see a girl on a tight dress..
But if men can flash me all day with their nipples out why I can't show off my legs?
Why it's so hard to accept a woman's body?
I got curves and I'm feminine but this doesn't mean that society has the right to sexualise my body..
In an ideal world every woman would be able to go out completely naked without hearing any criticism.
No my outfit is not provocative, your mind is cause it triggers me to punch you when you say that I'm a slut because I wear a tiny dress..
Whoa guess what.. I can wear whatever I want, day and night, cause I'm a free woman and I have the right to express myself in any form.

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