Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's Obsession

Wow another month is coming and it happens to be the month of celebrating love.. Oh yes I mean Valentines day! I'm gonna be honest.. I love this day. I'm not sure if I just want to show my feelings with every chance or if I'm so brainwashed to wait for it like it's my birthday.
Now there is the question, do you always had a bf on Valentines Day? No I didn't but that didn't stop me from celebrating with my new red dress and my hair up high. I'm such a sucker for romance I can watch over and over movies like "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" or "The Notebook" and cry till the end of time. I always thought that the Romeo and Juliet was not just a story but a real life scenario that can happen. This concept of the never ending love really touched me since I was a kid and now I feel the need to pour out my emotions this time of the year.
I want to get dressed and to feel that this day I'm living in a world without flaws and everyone loves me and I love them with all my heart! Of course the hugest part in this day is the DATE! Oh the perfect date is not the one who offers flowers and chocolates but the one that he will look you deep in the eyes and he will say to you "You are the one I want to be with tonight, every night, I love you" This is a line to die for.. So I guess it's an important day for me... Do you feel the same way?


Monday, January 28, 2013

Almost Wedding Dress

Hello everyone :) Now that the February comes we have another exhausting exam period.. I also feel really puffed up lately.. I don't know if this is a result of the hormones I'm taking or if I'm eating more. Anyway today I'm really excited cause I'm gonna wear my Asos Off Shoulder Lace Dress with Peplum.
This dress is so perfect! 
I feel like I'm about to get married.. When I first saw it with this lace I told myself that this dress would be perfect for the after the wedding party (if I was getting married obviously)
So now the only thing that I'm missing is the actual wedding dress and the groom..
For now I have to compromise with one quick drink because lately I've been super busy with my internship and my uni.. So no big wedding for me.
Last but not least I want to say a huge thank you to everyone of you that send me messages of support.
I really can't find the proper words to express how important you are for me.
When I wrote about my health issue I never expected that people could understand how anxious I feel and how this affects me, but you've been more than supportive and I wish I could hug all of you right now!

I love you all! <3

Friday, January 25, 2013

Advertise In February

Do you want to get advertised and support our dreams?
We have plenty of open spots and we would love to work with you!
It's super easy to get a spot, just click here to see more about our stats and prices.

Gracie & Daphne

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kitteh Photos! and thoughts on neutralising

Hello everyone! Today we have some photos of a recent photo shoot with Ella. I've realised we haven't uploaded photos of her for a really long time and it's a shame 'cause she is getting even prettier as she grows!
 So here she is making her silly face! I LOOOVE THIS PICTURE!
Then she sits quietly thinking she can fool us into believing she is a good and balanced cat.
You don't fool anybody! We all know you are a crazy-biting full of energy kitten!

In Ella related news, she will probably be neutralised next week. She doesn't seem anxious though. But I AM! I just hope everything goes well with her!
 Sometimes I feel kinda bad that we have to neutralise her and I worry it will change her. Not that she is a perfect cat and maybe if she did calm down after being neutralised it would be better.. But I just hope she stays the same and the procedure won't alter her crazy personality. Because you know, I know she will only be kitten once....

Moreover, many people I know seriously question why would I ever put my animal through something like that especially since I won't let her wonder outside the apartment. And it makes me sad that she will have to undergo surgery again. But here are the facts:
1) she will avoid many many diseases
2) She won't feel the need to find a male (making her life and ours miserable, and possibly dangerous such as falling of the balcony)

and the most important reason for me:
3) we really don't need any more kittens! I mean I found her at our front door starving and crying for 2 days (i was looking for her for 2 days, she was well hidden) And our neighborhood is full of kittens and cats, it's crazy. The fact that my country (as far as I know) doesn't have a center to sterilise stray cats makes me think that if I ever wanted another kitten in the house I could just save some from the streets resulting in helping more cats. 

So yeah the bottom line is that if you think about it people that are against neutralising are the selfish ones. 
ok so these are my thoughts on the subject.

What do you think of neutralising animals?


Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Bad Bad Uterus

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you a really personal story about a health issue of mine.. Last Thursday I went to a gynecologist for an ordinary check and the doctor found that I have a 10cm ovarian cyst! (4 inches) Since then I'm going everyday to a different doctor for extra examinations..
Before taking the time to thank my uterus about this awful situation I have to say that I never had any symptom like pain or discomfort so this came out of the blue! As it appears this cyst has taken most of the available space and now I have to take some hormones and then contraceptive pills hoping that the problem is related to my hormones and will go away. If not the other option is surgery.
So at first I freak out because there is a chance this cyst to break but I'm trying to think positive and I believe that it will get smaller and smaller with the hormones. Of course now I can't lift weight and I should be carefull of what I'm eating and obviously intercourse is out of the question..*cough* tmi
So please tell me if you ever had this problem or anything relative like polycystic ovary syndrome.. Oh and I'm pretty amazed that I found a Frida Kahlo plushie uterus while I was searching for uterus images!
The person who made this must be really awesome!!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Stray Kitten

Hello everyone! Those days at work I see cute little stray kitten. It's so small and helpless, ok maybe it's not that helpless because it's lucky enough to be a stray cat in the most rich area of Athens and that's why everyone keeps feeding it!
So I'm gonna be honest, I can't keep this cat, although it's super beautiful and amazingly smart.. I mean it meows loudly constantly and I can hear it from my office. Also it's short footed and fat, really fat, those fat legs stole my heart!
Here are some videos of this kitten so you can see how cute it is.. Oh I can't resist taking it at my home but my parents wouldn't be really happy about it

So what you should think I should do with this little stupid kitten?


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A night out

Hello everyone! It's been a while since you've seen my face around here and I apologise for that!I've been super busy with school and stuff so I tried to make it up for you last night.So anyway yesterday me and some friends (Efi was there too, unfortunately Gracie couldn't come) went to this unique cafe/bar place called Taf and located downtown in Athens. I like it there a lot because they always host a different gallery.
This time it was noise and something. Well most of the gallery kinda sucked but it was fun checking out weird stuff anyway. Well I'm sorry to the artists of the above "pieces" but really why?
 But not everything was bad. For exampled I liked these drawings. And I also liked the fact that the lights were so strong, perfect for a mini photoshoot. The only downside was that the photos were taken with my phone, that's why they are so crappy. I'm sorry
 But hey, check out my hair! I'm adding a little bit of violet in them in an attempt to eliminate all the yellowy/orangey tones they had lately. What do you think of the color??

Ps. if you know any site selling african american wigs or human hair wefts with really low shipping to europe PLEASE let me know!! (more on that obsession in another post)


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Feminist-Zooey Hate!

Oh no, this is not an ordinary day..
Few days ago I read an article about Zooey in which she simpy stated that she is a feminist. 
At first I thought wow that's great!! 
cause you don't hear famous people telling everyday how much they support feminism but then I started reading more and more blogs moaning and yammering and saying that Zooey is clearly not a feminist..
and then all of the sudden I started thinking that this might have gone too far..
Who are these people??
Are they for real?
I don't care if she is too bubbly for you to be a feminist, she is a woman and she has the right to be herself.
The never ending shitstorm
I was so prepared the read comments like oh she is not feminist because she's so girly or dorky or just because she wears dresses...
What I didn't see coming was the hate from young girls saying that labeling people as feminists reduces their value.
That was officially the point when my brain started to feel a terrible pain!!!
Oh why someone would think that saying you are in favor of sex equality that undervalues you?
Am I in the wrong planet?
Zooey just said the simplest thing a woman could say.. no sorry a person could say..
So please people stop all this hate.
Zooey is adorable, she is fun and she is really talented
and actually even if you don't believe all the above about her just accept that someone can support an idea regardless of the external appearance.


Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Outfit!

Hello everyone :)
As I promised in my last post today I'm gonna show you the dress that I sewed especially for new years!!
I'm terribly sorry but all the photos have been taken while I was getting ready so I have no photo with the shoes I wore..
So I choose this pink fabric cause I feel that everyone during Christmas holidays is wearing only black and it's quite depressing..
I know that black seems like a formal color but I can't stand so much black around me!
I also wore a huge bow ring that you can see in this photo..
And actually I wore those ears the hole night as an extra fun accessory..
I know that most of you are now back in the normal school/ work schedule but
I hope you all have an awesome week :)


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Sewing Class

Hello everyone :)
As you may know me and Daphne are sewing dresses, skirts and actually anything that seems fun to wear..
Oh on my next post I'm gonna show you the dress I made for new years..
So anyway back to the subject.. we recently started searching again for sewing classes and we found a great school.
Here you can see some creations of the students and the teachers..
They are all amazing.
Daphne is holding this adorable collar dress which I have to make asap!
Here is an example of how good the clothes are.. 
I don't like green but  this dress is beyond cute!
The point is that the creations were awesome but the teacher informed us that we have to start from base one the courses..
Which actually means that we have to start with the most easy part of sewing.. the skirt.
The problem with this idea is that we already know all the basics but no school accept us unless we follow all the courses..
Daphne is a mechanical engineer so it's in her nature to create things accurately, so when she sews she knows what's she's doing..
I guess we have to find someone to do some private lessons cause all we need to know is how to improve our method and not how to cut a skirt..


Most Loved Posts!

Hello everyone!
Wow, 2012 was an amazing year thanks to all of you :)
So in this post we are going to see again all the posts you loved the most!
Let's get started.

I guess you all laughed with this epic fail!

Cause who doesn't like cakes..

Because my humiliation has to be continued..

Ella the cat has stolen many hearts with those eyes..

Daphne's hair was on fire back then!

For all those who love Frida

So this crazy year has ended.. 
We hope that you had as much fun as we did and we hope that this year will be even better!

Gracie and Daphne
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