Thursday, March 29, 2012

Masha P and Anna I

I haven't ever seen such an inspiring photoshoot!
These models are obviously really talented and the photographer Amber Gray has created a magical result! :)

I'm in love with her eyes :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Floral dress and vintage make up

Hi everyone :)
Today I woke up really early to go to my uni and the weather is just perfect!
The sun was shinning so bright that I couldn't resist to wear a floral dress!!
I also did my make up inspired by Twiggy.
For a really long time I wanted to draw those cute twiggy lashes and today I was in a mood to create a twiggy look with my own twist :)

Sorry for the sad face but I couldn't keep my eyes open because of the sun.

Also this is the dress that I wear :)
It's so hot outside I think I won't need my cardigan.
I love spring!!

So what are your plans for today?


Friday, March 23, 2012

How to make buttons change color on blogger

Hello everyone! 
Today I'll show you how you can create a navigation bar like the one we have. With images that change upon mouseover. I had to look around the web a lot to find something that actually works so I decided to show you what I've learned, to make your own easily :)

First of all you will need:
Account in Photobucket or a similar site
Illustrator (optional)

1) Now you must decided how big you want your navigation bar to be. Mine is 900x87
The best way to figure out what size you want is to make a quick sketch right beneath your title and then crop that area with the wonderful "crop tool"

Alternative: Go to the "Desing" window on blogger and select "Template Designer". There, click on the "adjust widths" button. This will give you the yardstick by which you will decide your navigation bar.

2) Next draw your navigation bar.
like so:

Now, you must understand that when the navigation bar change upon mouseover it's basically two images saved on top of the other as one.

So what you need to is in a new layer draw small lines to define the space between the buttons.
After that create a new layer and draw the images you want to show after the mouseover.
like so:

Ok.  navigation bar is basically a series of images next to each other.

3) Start cropping and saving each image and uploading them on Photobucket.  If you have 4 categories like us you should end up with 8 pictures saved in photobucket.

4) Now, go to design --> Page elements and add a HTML gadget.

Cope and paste the following code:


<a href="href=" LABEL">< img src='YOUR FIRST IMAGE URL HERE' onmouseover="this.src='YOUR SECOND IMAGE URL HERE" onmouseout="this.src='YOUR FIRST IMAGE URL HERE" border="0"/></a>


The purple code is the main one (between the <center><ul> and </center></ul>) Whenever you want to add a new image just copy and paste the main code. 

I hope i explained this briefly. 
If you have any questions please contact me :)

video tutorial that really helped me, check it out ;)


Thursday, March 22, 2012

My New Digitizer

Hello everyone!
First of all I would like to thank you all for your support!!
You guys are amazing :D
We are extremelly happy that we finally hit the 500 members milestone!

Moreover I finally finished the new blog layout! YAY! I've been working on this layout for sooo long. I actually can't believe that everything came together so well!
Of course there are always thigs that can be fixed/improved.
But I hope you like it as well.
For reference, here is how our old layout used to look like:

I wouldn't accomplise anything of these if I didn't have my awesome bamboo digitizer!!
OHH I love my digitizer so much!
And my friend Efi gave it to me as a gift!

If you like drawing this digitizer will definately make your life easier!
I also use it as a mouse and it didn't take me long to learn how to use it and now I must say, I find it easier using my tablet than my mouse.
I know there are digitizers out there that can work with just the touch of your hand. But I was scared that I would accidentally touch the surface the whole time and it would drive me nuts.

So if you want a digitizer this really is worth the money. And it comes with fun applications as well!

I draw most of this layout using Adobe Illustrator. I used to use adobe Photoshop but if you actually want to draw something Photoshop is useless compared to Illustrator.
I'll definately post some tutorials in the next couple of days to help out other bloggers!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Hair Change Sneak Peek

Hello everyone :)
I'm happy to say that me and Daphne successfully dyed our hair!!!

We won't show you now the process and the result but really soon we will make a post with our new hair and everything we did to reach this result!!

Haha here you can see me waiting for Daphne to finish my hair!

It was a fun time :)
Stay tuned for the result!!!

Daphne and Gracie

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Exams are Over!! Yay

Hello everyone!
Wow there are so many of you now, it's crazy!
All thanks to Gracie
I'm actually afraid that most of you don't know me/remember me.
So this is me, Daphne:
the day I finished exams I went on a "mountain walk" :D

I haven't posted anything for like a month because i had exams..
And I had literally no time for anything else!
But luckily they went well and now I'm back to blogging
I'm excited with all  the new things we are going to do this month, it'll be an interesting one ;)

So anyway!
Yesterday I went to see Hugo in 3D

And Oh my God! It was the most amazing film I have seen in a while, and i usually watch some pretty epic films..  haha

You should definitely go watch this movie in a theatre!

It's written for children's but it's one of these movies that amazes adults as well.
Every single image of this movie is amazing and when watching it in 3D it takes the visual perfection to a whole new level!
I must admit that apart from the direction the thing that caught me the most was all the clips of old movies bGeorge Melies and his story.

After i watched the movies I heard that there is a book as well, so I'll probably read it XD
If you like cinema you will like the second part of the movie.

I would definitely watch it again!
Ah! seeing all these gifs in tumblr made me nostalgic.. 


Have you seen any great films recently??

Friday, March 9, 2012

My Almost Pink Hair

Hello everyone :)
I would like to show you my new hair!
The result is far from what I expected :(
This is not the bright pink that I wanted.
The main problem is that my hair couldn't come out as blonde as they should
I used syoss without ammonia(the same product that Licorice had used in the past,here)
and the result was awful.
I'm really sorry I don't have any pictures of my hair after the usage of syoss but I have to say that this product was soooo bad that it wasn't able not even to create an even result.

There are some parts of my hair that are darker and some that are lighter.I couldn't believe that this result was possible to happen because I had thick virgin hair.
Anyway the soonest I can I'll bleach my hair again (with professional help this time) and then I will be proud to show you decent pink hair!

The worst part is that many people believed that my hair is RED!

Thank you for your support!
Here it begins my pink hair journey!

So what do you think about my hair?


Sunday, March 4, 2012

My New Wig

Hello everyone :)
Today I would like to show you my new kanekalon wig
I received the package yesterday and today it's the first time I'm wearing the wig.

Kanekalon is a really soft material.I straightened the wig really easily with my flat iron in medium heat.
Here are some photos when I had straightened just one side of the wig :)

These are the original photos that the seller had.
I ordered my wig from ebay in a lighter color from the original one in the photos, this is dark brown and I got it in light brown.

I'm really happy with my purchase because I think that this wig has a great quality :)

I'm thinking of changing my hair color, I'm really bored with this ordinary brown and actually I think that pink would be a great color :)
Do you think that it's a good idea?
This is a not sponsored review


Should I dye my hair PINK?

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