Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sewing Lesson 1

How to Cut A Pattern

In our previous post we told you that we've started sewing lessons
The first lesson we learned was about cutting a pattern the right way :)
In class we use Burda patterns but i guess most patterns are similar~

But be careful! You never actually CUT the pattern! you just trace it on a paper

Step One:
You should take your measurements in order to find your size for the pattern
It's a good idea to write them down so you can look them up every time you need to cut a pattern

I made a quick drawing of the basic measurements you will need:

Step Two:
Find your size
Compare your measurements to the measurements chart that usually available with your pattern
If you found the pattern online or you don't have the measurements chart for whatever reason you can use the burda measurements chart and have a general idea of what your size is. Maybe your measurements will differ from the chart measurements and you are not sure of what size you are. IF this is the case, select a size that's relevant with what you are making

for example if you are making pants you don't care in which category the bust measurement is

Step Three:
You will notice that the patterns have multiple lines like these:
Each of these lines represents your size and you should trace only the line with that special marking!

If  you are using Burda patterns you will notice that they have numbers on each pattern so you can find them in the big mess of patterns (if you already own a Burda magazine you will understand what i'm saying)
They also show you how the pieces look like and how you should place them on fabric and on lining :)
(as shown below)

Step Four:
Get your tracing paper and place it on top of your pattern and pin it down :)
now with a marker mark every line you see using a ruler if needed
You must mark everything including arrows, darts, little lines etc exactly as they are drawn and of course according to your size

Be careful! you must only follow the line of your size

Step Five:
Cut around your pattern and write down what each piece is and what size it is so you don't get confused.

That's it you have your pattern ready to use
and we'll show you how to transfer the pattern to your fabric in our next tutorial 
thank you for stopping by,


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Lookbook account

The Outfit Of The Day

Sewing Lessons

hi everyone,
Recently we strated sewing lessons for amateurs (of course) and we are pretty excited!

We've making skirts and dresses already but they were rough on the edges so we decided to sign up for some course to learn the proper way :)

And since we've learned quite a few things now it's high time to share with you 
cause we are so nice like that

So follow closely if you are begginers cause we are gonna post the basics you should know

happy sewing everyone :D

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Autumn Outfit

Autumn is here and i'm really happy!
i love autumn weather
because it's not as hot as summer
and the sun isn't as bright

Soon enough i'll be able to wear my lovely stockings
and i'll have more reasons to finish knitting my scarf
Did you spot the cat in the pictures?
Just some random cat that showed up in my backyard (yup we've got some nice trees) and started rubbing on my leg while i was trying to get a nice pic of my outfit
Well i'm off studying again
thnx for stepping by ~

ps I know you are jealous of my red coat!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Outfit Of The Day

I love my grey dress 

Outfit Of The Day

Hi, this is the outfit i wore today!
Sunday is a special day because i'm invited to licorice's house to eat!


ps.We'll make new posts everyday, if not, read this again.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Girl

I thought it would be fun to share with you some random pictures from "The New Girl" just because they are hilarious

I love Zooey when she talks, when she walks, when she eats, when she sings,when she does the chicken dance and when she cries on the first episode :D

ps.We'll make new posts everyday, if not, read this again


Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Cute Picture Of The Day

This picture always makes me smile :)

ps.We'll make new posts everyday, if not, read this again.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

~Taylor Says shoes~

These shoes are amazing! I admit that Taylor Reeve is really talented .
The colours are vibrant and these stilettos are super sexy.
As you can clearly see each stiletto has its own personality.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

French Lessons

Today, as every Monday, I had my french lesson and just like evey other time I sucked. I'm doing so many mistakes and I'm trying hard without any result :( as you can see

This is unfair! 

Also I'm anxious that I'm never gonna lern this damn language but my teacher is always like

ok maybe she's not calling me slut but you get the point..

today I'm not gonna cry about french but I want to teach you some of the basic french I know 

don't you worry, you'll definately need this words anyway :P

Oh what???is this for kids?
ok maybe
a little bit..

you are right, let's get real you don't need "l'avion" or "la glace"
this is what you need
just sayin..

so go ahead and learn 

ps. we are going to make a new post everyday,if not, read this again.


Monday, October 17, 2011

What i Wore the Other Day

Hi Everyone!
this is an outfit i had in my drafts here for ages mainly because i didn't know if it was worth posting
but i decided to post it anyway
It's the one you can see me wearing in both curlformers review and my extensions review 
(the extensions look awesome don't they?)

Picnik collage

So here's me eating ice cream in 
a dress that me and Gracie made
(yep she has the same one)
isn't it cute? i loveee this dress. And not only because i made it! I love the fabric and the print.. it's so soft and warm <3
and also you can see my nice belt that i've bought for only 2euros and my awesome  colorful vintage handbag~
thnx for watching

ps. We've been thinking of making a tutorial on this dress since it came out so cute, what do you think?


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Outfit Of The Day

This is the outfit that I wore for my birthday :D

The photo is a bit shaky but I didn't have time to take another one :P


Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Girl Review

We just saw the last episode of the "New Girl"

We've got to say that these series have gone from bad to worse. 
We have to admit that the only thing keeping as watcing is Zooey because she is cute funny and she has great hair and style..
So we are doomed to wach something that can only be compared to trash...ok ok maybe I'm too harsh,it's not trash but also not our new best thing to watch.

First of all:

Why the "old" black guy had to leave???????,we really liked him on the pilot, he had the best personality and let's face it, he was better actor and better looking (you know taller,bigger,eeehhh see for yourserf :P )

Ok so now we have some things to say about this episode.As it is obvious english is not our native language but we did not understand the whole plot until the wedding. :O

Friday, October 7, 2011

My new extensions

My creation
Few  week ago i was browsing ebay looking for anything cheap but cute.
And i stumbled upon these awesome hair extensions for only $3.99! The brand's name is "Clair Beauty"
So i had to order them immediately since i always wanted to know how i would look with long hair. I mean for That price how bad could they be?

IMG_2663_CrossProcess_1IMG_2665_CrossProcess_1After 1-2 weeks they came and whoa they are amazing. Of course they are synthetic which means you can't dye them or style them differently (but i'm usually bored to style my own hair let alone these humongous pieces of hair) So i had to curl my own hair to resemble the extensions
(read how i curled my hair here)

And they are So soft!! nothing like my hair obviously :P
i love them! really
they have 4 clips on the back and they are really easy to put on 
Ahhh.. (keeps brushing the extensions)
They did tangle up of course. But that gave them a more natural look i think and they don't look too shiny and fake even with flash~ but the lack of split ends gives them away ahahaha

Since i have medium length hair these extensions area too long for me and i'll propably cut them to match my hair more


Yup, You can clearly see that the wig color doesn't really match my hair color, especially at the back of my head where my hair are redder~ but i'll be dying them soon to fix that ;)

*feels like Rapunzel*
And one thing i noticed is that i don't really like my hair long.. It just doesn't go well with my features i think.. oh well!

That's my review on these lovely extensions i don't think there is anything more to say, they are cheap, they are just hair.

Thanks for viewing and please comment :D

check out my outfit of that day


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Curlformers Review

Yesterday i wanted to curl my hair to match my new super cheap extensions
(to see my extensions click here)

Which was an excellent excuse to use my curlformers. And i am quite happy with the results ;) 

I bought them a long time ago but i was 
bored to use them... XP


Curlformers are a neat way to have awesome curls without using any heat on your hair. And they are really cheap ~2$ without shipping~! They come in different szes and shapes. I've bought the cheapest ones,they create a medium curl (not too tight not too loose) and they are perfect for medium length hair. I have 2 packages because i wanted more long ones (check out the product here)

They are really easy to put on and there are numerous youtube videos showing you how to apply them

I have curly/wavy hair and so i guess they can hold the curl well but I've seen it work on people with straight hair as well! I didn't have much time so after one hour i used the blow-dryer to seed things up but you are supposed to let them air dry completely. When i took them off some were still wet and those didn't held the shape very well...


So i blow-dryed them, took them off and applied hairspray all over



Here's how the curls look undrushed.

And here's how they look after a little styling and brushing:

I'm overall really happy with the results and they did hold the shape all night long :)
The next day there were still curls but messy of course. But that's fine by me as well~

If you use ebay to purchase the Curlformers use the term  "magic curlers

(tcheck out my outfit of that day)


Monday, October 3, 2011

Outfit Of The Day

Another polka dot outfit.
I think that I'm addicted :P



Sunday, October 2, 2011

Red dress with leopard belt

Yesterday i went out to dinner with my boyfriend and i wore one of my favorite dresses
I bought it from a second hand shop in berlin and it has leopard print buttons and belt !

Please excuse my messy hair and the lack of footwear.. XP


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Outfit Of The Day

It's Saturday night and this is my outfit :)

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